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  • Commercial advisor to J.P. Morgan’s Global Commodity-Linked/Project Financing business including as a key team member in diligencing and structuring potential energy and resources financings involving a commodity hedge component (Americas).
  • Advisor to RWL Water in connection with project financing activities for water projects (USA).
  • Energy specialist working with The Gail Fosler Group on international energy market strategies and analysis, with a particular focus on natural gas, hydraulic fracturing and renewables (USA).
  • Commercial lead for NRG in assembling comprehensive project proposals for submission in 3 State-sponsored Requests for Proposal:
    • Two 600+ MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle projects with carbon capture and geologic sequestration in New York and Delaware;
    • 600 MW combined cycle gas project in Connecticut; and
    • 280 MW and 190 MW simple cycle gas projects in Connecticut.
  • Commercial advisor to White Energy Coal North America for the development of fuel upgrading facilities, including key business strategy and commercial structuring, negotiation and preparation of EPC Request for Proposal package (USA).
  • Work with SynCoal Solutions with respect to business strategy, planning and positioning for global business in the upgraded coal markets.
  • Advising Renewable Resources Group in connection with certain renewable power developments (USA).
  • Commercial advisor to National Bioenergy for M&A and joint development transactions (USA).
  • Counsel to Lippo and InterGen for greenfield development of the 700 MW coal-fired Meizhou Wan power project, Fujian – the first wholly foreign-owned power plant (China).
  • Lead role in structuring/negotiating Enel project financing of 43 MW El Canada greenfields hydro project with the IFC (Guatemala).
  • Counsel to Mobil LNG and Refining for project evaluation and structuring in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat (India).
  • Acting for commercial lenders Citibank, BNP-Paribas, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Sumitomo to the 1,200 MW gas-fired power plant at Ilijan developed by Korean Electric Power Company, with other lenders US-Exim, JBIC and K-Exim (The Philippines).
  • Advising NRG on structuring and documenting shareholder arrangements for the 400 MW coal-fired Cilegon project in West Java (Indonesia).
  • Lead role in Enel assessment of a 240 MW greenfields hydro development (Chile).
  • Counsel to Mobil Power appraising/structuring its interest in a 600 MW combined cycle gas-fired facility in Hsinchu County (Taiwan).
  • Counsel to GE in the $58.58 million financing of Steamboat Springs geothermal in Nevada (USA).
  • Counsel to CIBC, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Lyonnais and Sanwa Bank for a $615 million credit facility for PT Ariawest International, rolling out 400,000 telephone lines in West Java (Indonesia).
  • Counsel to J.P. Morgan Chase in the $120 million financing of a 150,000 line fixed cellular network in Greater Jakarta by PT Radio Telepon Indonesia, and a $75 million facility provided by the Private Export Funding Corporation/US-Exim (Indonesia).
  • Counsel to PT Bukaka Telekomindo and Singapore Telecom rolling out 403,000 telephone lines in East Indonesia with Siemens and KfW (Indonesia).
  • Counsel in the $400 million PT Excelcomindo Pratama mobile phone network around Jakarta for ING Barings, J.P. Morgan Chase, ANZ Singapore and Sakura Finance Asia (Indonesia).
  • Counsel to TOTAL and Unocal in structuring and negotiating ownership and other commercial arrangements for a gas transportation company and $600 million pipeline (Myanmar).
  • Counsel to North Broken Hill for a A$1.3 billion, 440,000 ton pulp and paper mill, developed with Noranda Forest (Australia).


  • Core team member with J.P.Morgan Global Commodities Group Principal Investments team in diligencing and structuring potential investments in energy infrastructure developments and operating companies (Americas).
  • Investment banking sell-side lead for Evolution Markets in the successful sale of international carbon offset project developer MGM International Group to Mercuria by the owners, including Morgan Stanley (USA).
  • Commercial lead, originating, negotiating and closing NRG’s acquisition of Padoma Wind Power (USA).
  • Co-lead of Enel $212 million bid to acquire three geothermal power plants (120 MW) from Covanta, through bankruptcy auction (USA).
  • Counsel to CCMP Capital Asia in first US-style LBO/acquisition financing in Asia: $450 million acquisition from QPL Limited of semi-conductor packager ASAT Limited (Hong Kong).
  • Counsel to CCMP Capital Asia in $440 million acquisition financing with UBS of automotive component manufacturer Mando Corporation (South Korea).
  • Counsel to Edison Mission in Australia’s first power privatization – acquisition of the A$1 billion 1,000 MW Loy Yang B coal-fired generation facility (Australia).
  • Lead role in Enel acquisition bids for 28.5 MW geothermal and 39 MW hydro facilities (Costa Rica).
  • Counsel to Marubeni in acquiring 50% interests in two geothermal energy facilities (95 MW) from Oxbow Power Corporation (The Philippines).
  • Counsel to Unocal in steamfield and power plant rights acquisition from National Power Corporation, Department of Energy and Manila Electric Company Limited (The Philippines).
  • Lead role in Enel bid/investment in privatization of Geothermica Salvadorena, S.A. de C.V., structuring shareholder arrangements (El Salvador).
  • Lead role in Enel assessment/structuring of acquisition bid for over 1,000 MW of Gamesa’s operating wind farms and project development pipeline (Spain).
  • Lead role in Enel acquisition of 80 MW Gauley River hydro in West Virginia from Catamount and the roll-up of six hydro facilities in Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as a portfolio of projects from Sithe Energies (USA).
  • Lead role in Enel sale of Eagle & Phenix hydro facility in Georgia (USA).
  • Lead role in Enel bid for major independent mid-west landfill gas owner/operator of 18 projects, as well as the 186 MW wind developer and operator, enXco (USA).
  • Assessment of various new energy technologies for potential participation by Enel, including fuel cells, wave energy technology, anaerobic waste treatment and methanol plants (USA).
  • Advising Bank of America on the Security Pacific merger, particularly antitrust asset divestitures in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona (USA).


  • Strategic advisor to environmental commodity trading platform Skystream Markets (USA).
  • Lead commercial role in negotiations, closing and interim management of The Green Exchange – a global environmental marketplace – including CME Group, J.P. Morgan, Evolution Markets, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse (USA).
  • Commercial advisor to NYSE Euronext in the formation of NYSE Blue, a global environmental commodity exchange, including through the acquisition of APX and the provision of strategy advice and analysis on global energy and environmental markets issues and opportunities (USA).
  • Commercial lead in originating, structuring, negotiating and closing an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement with J.P.Morgan to offset its global annual carbon footprint (USA).
  • Lead role in structuring and negotiating the long-term sale of emissions reductions for Enel from a new hydro facility to the Prototype Carbon Fund (World Bank; Guatemala).
  • Lead role in Enel sales of “green attributes” in the nascent green trading markets in 2001-2004 (USA).
  • NRG lead in driving the centralized development and updating of environmental capex budgets (for retrofits and ongoing compliance) in excess of $750 million (USA).
  • Created, developed, rolled out and advocated “econrg” company-wide at NRG as the sustainability platform unifying all environmental quality and stewardship efforts (USA).
  • Initiated and obtained successful awards for NRG
    • From the Department of Energy for mercury mitigation trials at a coal plant with Praxair;
    • From the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for CO2 bioreactor field studies at a coal plant; and
    • From NYSERDA for a commercialization study of biomass co-firing at a coal plant (USA).
  • Originated/closed on NRG membership of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center and the Global Roundtable on Climate Change (USA).
  • Originated/led NRG sustainable generation efforts including focus on/analysis of offshore wind, oxycombustion, biomass co-firing, tidal, gasification, geothermal, hydro and solar thermal technologies and opportunities (USA).
  • Lead role in NRG landmark environmental settlements with New York in 2005 and Delaware in 2007 (USA).
  • Initiated and oversaw creation of NRG first Greenhouse Gas inventory and carbon risk assessment model (USA).


  • Advising QCT Resources on its US private placement of $160 million (Australia).
  • Lead counsel in ANZ’s A$170 million refinancing facilities to the Besen Group (retail), A$53.8 million restructuring facilities for the Anglo-Australian Group (foods), and A$50 million refinancing facilities for the $60 million Mulawa Group (casinos/hospitality; Australia).
  • Advising Bonlac Foods on its US private placement (Australia).
  • Counsel to ANZ for various corporate refinancings and raisings in the Australian and Eurobond markets (Australia).
  • Lead role in negotiating and closing bridge facility for Line56Media with existing investor (USA).
  • Lead role in the negotiation and closing of venture funding for Line56Media from MCG Capital Corporation (USA).


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