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Every company has to have a name. So while “Energy & Environment | Strategy & Execution” is a perfect tag line for the business – and explains exactly what it is we do, the company name had to be more manageable as a practical matter, while still being meaningful.

Enter “GreenTao.”

“Green”, well, because the focus of our business is on enhancing the overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of existing and new energy infrastructure. This means that managing environmental outcomes and minimizing the negative impacts of energy generation are front and center in the work we do with our clients: all squarely in the context of the public need for safe, reliable and affordable energy. “Green” equates with a fundamental balancing – it does not put environmental outcomes above all others. Instead, our objective centers upon an integration of project economics and financeabilty with realistic reductions in environmental impacts.

“Tao” is relevant in two ways. The Chinese philosophy of Daoism (or Taoism) is characteristically concerned with the achievement of harmony with nature, while “Tao” itself roughly translates as the “way”, “path” or “guiding principle”. So in terms of what we are trying to accomplish at GreenTao, at its most simple it’s about helping clients find, implement and maintain a sustainable way or path forward in their energy and environmental businesses.

We look forward to working with you to address your particular business needs and challenges.


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